GREENHILL PROJECTS - EP  "Inelegance": Get it on iTunes (december 2014):

 Take a look at the blog post about this EP:  "Something that is inelegant is not attractive or graceful"

GREENHILL PROJECTS - "Wrecker of Homes":  Get it on iTunes  (June 2014)

GREENHILL PROJECTS - "The Dream":  Get it on iTunes (June 2014)

GREENHILL PROJECTS - "Please Don't Go":  Get it on iTunes

GREENHILL PROJECTS - "No Longer Innocent":  Get it on iTunes

GREENHILL PROJECTS - "I SUCK":  Get it on iTunes

About Us

Greenhill Projects is a name for a collaboration of musicians. The main characters being Bengt Grønås and Maurice Adams. The music itself is what it is, it has no locked genre or style and fluctuate between something that sounds like Pet Shop Boys to Progressive Metal. It could be Pop, Funk, Metal, Industrial, whatever the form of today is when ideas are founded.